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08.05.21: Keizer Culinair Class and Artisan Wine Pairing

KeizerCulinair and Wine Artisans offer a

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Andro Barnovi
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  • Georgian Winemakers Appeal Against Homophobia and Violence, and for Western Integration

    Signed by many well-known wine-makers, today Georgia's independent cellars circulated a special appeal. They condemn homophobia, intolerance of minorities and violence, and declare full support to the westernization of the country. The letter regrets that the current government is stirring up homophobia, violence and anti-Western sentiments. Winemakers call on the authorities to severely punish the perpetrators and ensure that citizens' constitutional rights are protected.

    The winemakers especially emphasize the need for Georgia's unwavering western integration and express concern that internal tensions, the violence against minorities and anti-Western propaganda, along with the corresponding demise of tourism and dissolution of positive interests to the country will drastically affect the economy, including viticulture and winemaking which has been growing impressively.

    The letter is also signed by several researchers and wine bloggers and was circulated by Andro Barnovi, the founder and wine-maker of the Association "Wine Artisans". The main purpose of the letter is to provide an impetus to the internal consensus, and to campaign to restore Georgia's damaged image in the eyes of the international community. He said it is important that various professional groups, people who lack time for stupid fist-fighting that work and create the main goods of the country, raise their voices and join this campaign. "We must boldly emphasize the preferences of educated and rational citizens," Barnovi says.

    The letter was first published on July 12 on social networks and was spread to the media on July 15, after collecting a certain number of signatures. The collection of signatures continues. The letter is available at the following link:

  • March 8 discount on rare wines!

    8 მარტისთვის ისეთი ღვინო უნდა შეარჩიო კაცმა, ქალს რომ გაუხარდება! ჰოდა აგერ, სპეც სია გავაკეთეთ და გადახედეთ <3

    ანდრო ბარნოვის, ნიკა ვაჩეიშვილის, გია ჩუბინიძის, გიორგი ნათენაძის, ლაშა სოფრომაძის, გურამ ანდრონიკაშვილის და თორნიკე ლომთაძის შესანიშნავი ღვინოები

  • "Natenadze Wines" join the team of "Wine Artisans"

    Pleasant news start our year 2021: "Natenadze Wines" joins the team of "Wine Artisans"