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Barnoff's Tavkveri Light Oak arrived on Market
Barnoff's Tavkveri Light Oak arrived on Market

Tavkveri Light Oak of 2015 vintage finally arrived on market. The wine can be purchased at 8000 vintages in 26, S. Tsintsadze street

Wine appreciators will find this Tavkveri of outstandingly interest as it deviates from what is known as traditional Tavkveri in Georgia. It is still a light wine but with very intense cherry aroma and light oakish tones thanks to brief oak-maturation period. 

The wine is available in very small quantities and can be bought in "8000 Vintages" 26, S. Tsintsadze street. 

Grapes were harvested in private vineyard in the middle of Kartli region, right bank of river Tedzami Valley, village Akhaltsikhe. Harvest period - third decade of October 2015. Alcoholic and malolactic brewing periods were spent in staneless steal barrels, while final purification took place under 5-8 degrees natural frost. The wine was kept during 7 months in a cool cellar afterwards, and consequently bottled and rested on shelves waiting for its sales time. 

Therefore, Barnoff Wine Cellar 2015 yr harvest stands out with intensive taste and harmonic bookey, its cherry taste and aroma is blended with light tones of oak that gives this wine unparalleled qualities. 


Barnovi Wine Cellar is an outstanding member of Georgian Federation of Artisan Wine Cellars and will wear the Federation's quality mark.