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A new type Wine Cafe opened in Khidistavi
A new type Wine Cafe opened in Khidistavi

On June 4, on the road of Gori-Uplistsikhe, village Khidistavi, Wine Cafe of the Federation of Artisan Wine Cellars has opened where guests can try wines of Federation members. 

Association of Artisan Wine Cellars is responsible for the selection of wines in the Cafe. All wines will go through the Association's commission before entering the Cafe and the successful ones will be present by the Federation's quality mark "Wine Artisans"

The selection of winess will not be stripped down to just Shida Kartli. Federation of Artisan Wine Cellars united dosens of wine cellars country wide, which means, all these wines will be present in the Cafe.

The owner and host of the Cafe is an Associatio member Emzar Chituashvili, whose open hearted hospitality and delicious food will never be forgotten by the guests. The prices in the Cafe are not expensive. Owner's desire to let many visitors try most of our wines are pleasanrly reflected on prices too.

The founder of the Federation, Andro Barnovi explained that the conception of the Cafe is itself a continuation of the work of the Associations. Wine fests, degustations, professional instruction and consultations decided that a lof of family-run wine cellars changed their attitude toward wine making. They stopped using herbicides and systemic chemicals to treat their grapes, improved their cellars' equipment, wine vessels and attitude to wine hygiene. As a result, we obtained several excellent wine makers that are establishing themselves of wine markets.