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A New Year Gift Package Promotion by Wine Artisans!
A New Year Gift Package Promotion by Wine Artisans!

Dear friends, it is our strong desire that significant number of true wine lovers can taste our best wines. We know our wine is not cheap, it cannot be cheap... but with similar promotinos we will try to make them available for as many winers as possible. 

This time, we offer a BIG promotion of 6 - bottle exclusive package of 310 Lari for only 200! We store only 10 such boxes for promotion.

Please visit to make your own mix of six bottles and then contact us for a price-cut. 

promotion will continue untill the 10 boxes are sold.
It includes wines for 310 Lari, for only 200 Lari!

Chinuri - Mtsvane 2017 - 50 Lari
Chinuri 2018 - 35 Lari
Tvishi Amber 2019 - 65 Lari
Saperavi Khashmi 2017 - 65 Lari
Tavkveri 2018 - 50 Lari
Shavkapito 2018 - 45 Lari

buy here for 200!

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