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The Three Colors of Red
alc. 12.5 %
  • these wines are aged enough, to be fully settled, from yr 2018: Saperavi from Khashmi, Tavkveri from Khidistavi, and Shavkapito from Kvishkheti.

    Saperavi has a very rich bouquet of coriander, basil, and wildflowers, mixed with strong tones of black plums and strawberries. It has a very pleasant acidity, and it is an extraordinary, lively, vivid, and deep wine with a distinct character - one that brings euphoria from its first drops.

    Tavkveri is a mixture of the tones of cherry and blackberries, which create a very intense, deep pallet of this wine. It is also made with full skin contact, by wild yeasts. The skins were removed after alcoholic fermentation. Spent 8 months in Kvevri, and one full year in a stainless tank afterwards, while 2 more months in a 7yo old French oak cask. No chemicals were used in none of these wines.

    Shavkapito is a light body, very intense wine with relatively low alcohol (10%) and pleasant acidity. It has a very long aftertaste and a catchy, pleasant bouquet. All these wines have been "filtered" naturally, by way of multiple rackings. They are fully natural, absolutely honest, high-quality wines!

  • Winemaker Andro Barnovi
  • Grape Varieties: See Georgian Grape Varieties
  • Avaliable: 6 packs 
    Price: 145 GEL     110 GEL